Zainab’s story

From an early age, Zainab searched for a parent she could depend on. She’d been moved from home to home and, throughout her childhood, she’d been told she would never amount to anything.

“I was a very angry child. I didn’t need someone to teach me how to do maths. I didn’t need someone to teach me how to do English. I needed someone to hold my hand and ask me how I was doing every morning”

Zainab had been excluded from school for six months when TLG stepped in. She attended one of TLG’s education centres and it was there that she began to believe in herself. “At TLG my teacher encouraged me. She told me I was beautiful, how intelligent I was. She took me as her own. She didn’t take me as a student, she took me as her child and that made a big difference in my life. Even today I remember all the small things that she did.”

Through the support of TLG and the local church, Zainab has since been on a journey of faith. “I just remember having a Bible that my cousin had given to me years ago. I didn’t know why I was reading but I just continued to read and for once in my life it all made sense. It felt so great, like no other love that I could be given anywhere else.” Zainab’s Christian faith has had a profound impact on her life and she now works for TLG, bringing hope to young people who are facing the same life trajectory as she faced. 

I needed a father figure, I needed a mother figure. I needed someone to love me and I think that me going to TLG was one of the best things that could have happened to me at that age.


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