Xavier’s story

Xavier was disruptive in classes, refusing to listen to teachers or apologise for his actions that were hurting those around him.

“Before TLG I had a fight with a girl," he said. "She broke my phone, so I had a fight with her. Then I got excluded and got sent here.”

After working closely with Xavier at the TLG Education Centre, it became clear to staff that he was embarrassed about his reading difficulties and used bad behaviour to cover up his frustrations. His educational struggles were having a direct impact on his behaviour and engagement with school.

To tackle this struggle, they gave him sports magazines and spent time each week reading them together. Together they set a goal to read aloud in front of the class by the end of the term. Because Xavier admitted to needing help to control his anger, staff helped him learn about emotions and consequences too.

By the end of his first term, through courage and the support of TLG staff, Xavier started volunteering to read aloud in class. It was a remarkable transformation in such a short space of time.

His teachers say he’s developed a growing sense of maturity and apologising now comes easily to him. Where he used to be uncooperative and argumentative, he’s now engaging in his classwork and building positive relationships with his peers.

TLG has been good. I'm starting to focus and control my anger. Because I have one to one time with a teacher, I explain why I get angry.


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