Rory’s story

When Rory first came into contact with TLG, he was an angry student that found himself excluded from a very good school.

“I was one of those tricky students, so if a teacher said something like, ‘Do this, don’t do that,’ I’d say, ’alright Miss, alright Miss,’ and then I’d go off doing it again.”

But upon arriving at TLG, Rory found himself at a crossroad and knew it was time for him to make some big decisions.

“I got to TLG and I decided that I wasn’t going to be typical Rory anymore. I had to change my ways and I had to get myself sorted.”

The change that the team have seen in Rory is huge and so much of his 180° degree turn around can be traced back to the community he found at TLG.

“When I first came to TLG I started fitting in straight away, just like that! I think the more I got used to it and the more I got to know everyone else, it started to become a little bit like our family. We all get along well. They’re all great teachers and I look up to them, but especially James - he’s like my brother.”

Since TLG, Rory has returned to mainstream school and is back on track to a successful future. And for him, there’s only one reason for his success:

I think TLG has transformed my life for good.


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