Lacey’s story

For Lacey, school wasn’t a pleasant place to be. But now, at TLG, she’s discovered that school can be an enjoyable environment bursting with opportunity.

“School was alright but I didn’t like it that much. I was pretty naughty when I was with some of my mates,” says Lacey. “When I went to school I used to get bullied but it’s changed a lot since I’ve come to TLG.”

Moving to TLG from mainstream school gave Lacey the opportunity to learn in a smaller environment and it’s had a huge impact on her. “I behave a lot better I’d say,” she says. “I used to kick off all the time and I’m more independent now.”

Lacey loves to care for people and has plans to transition to college in order to become a nursery teacher. Before arriving at TLG, Lacey would have struggled to gain a place in college but through her own determination and the support of TLG staff, Lacey received her letter of acceptance paving the way for an exciting future.

I've had a bad past but it's changed a lot since I came to TLG.


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