Krishna’s story

Krishna has great hopes for his future. Things weren't so certain before he first met Cathryn, his TLG Early Intervention coach.

In his own words, "it was hard to fit in. I felt very isolated." School and home were worried by his lack of confidence and the difficulty he had building relationships with his peers.

Krishna's school had coaches from the local church that came into help those were struggling and he soon paired up with Cathryn. During their time together, Krishna was able to share his thoughts and feelings with Cathryn. The hour she gave each week reminded Krishna that there was always somebody available to listen to him.

Cathryn was able to show him that he is important and valued. Energised by his weekly coaching sessions, Krishna successfully initiated friendship with a new group of friends. At the end of the year of coaching he wrote her a card which read "Thank you for making me count."

I'm at secondary school now and it's something new. It's like a new world.


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