Kobi’s story

For Kobi, when Early Intervention coach Paul came into his life, things began looking up and his future started clicking into place.

“Quite often he’d get into trouble for silly things and he didn’t mean them,” says Kobi’s nan, Gaynor. “He just didn’t know who he was or the direction that he was going.”

Living with his nan, Kobi was missing a positive male role model in his life. For a whole year, he received support from Paul, who helped to show him that he is unique, he has a voice and that his choices make a real difference.

“Before I had Paul, it was much more, like, down in the dumps,” says Kobi. “But with Paul, people started to change and I could enjoy school every day.”

With Paul’s support, Kobi has grown in courage. The congregation at Paul’s church got to see this for themselves when he raised funds from the microphone for his favourite cause, raising over £100.

Even though the coaching has come to an end, Paul still supports him on a regular basis and has inflicted having to watch Bradford City on him each home game.

Gaynor has noticed a new Kobi. “Working with TLG, he started to believe in himself really. It was as if something clicked inside of him that he was worthy of himself. I am so happy to see him grow like this and so grateful that he was fortunate enough to get support from TLG at just the right time in his life."

It makes me feel happy that I've got someone with me. It builds you up to get more courage to say out loud what you think.


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