Jordan’s story

Five minutes.

That’s how long Jordan could focus for – five minutes. He was very excitable and easily distracted. Because of his short attention span, he found it impossible to sit still in class and listen. Jordan would even be found wandering around the school during lessons as he couldn’t remember where he was meant to be.

Knowing the difference it could make, his teacher asked for a TLG Early Intervention coach, Lila, to come alongside him. To keep Jordan engaged and help him concentrate, Lila planned coaching sessions full of interesting activities from the TLG coaching programme. Jordan’s teacher has seen a noticeable difference in his behaviour since being coached. His time with Lila was an invaluable part of his week and has helped him build a strong relationship again with his mum, Kay.

Lila contacted Kay every week to let her know how their coaching sessions were going. As a single parent, Kay really valued having someone invest in her son and, over the course of the year, a friendship between Lila and Kay developed.

At the end of the year when coaching was finishing, Jordan and Kay came along to a party at Lila’s church. The event gave them an opportunity to connect with people from the community and Jordan has since joined the church’s youth group.

Before his coaching from Lila, school was hugely challenging time for Jordan and his mum. But now, he has successfully transitioned to secondary school and, thanks to Lila, his future looks really bright.

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