Jessica’s story

It was from an early stage at primary school that Jessica can recall her temper problem causing her difficulties.

“When my teacher asked me to do things I always said no so I always had to go out the classroom.”

Jessica’s difficulty with relationships at school led to struggles in her behaviour. She would get annoyed at little things. In turn, her reaction could be argumentative and, for Jessica, school became a tough place.

Through the support of Sarah, her Early Intervention coach, Jessica’s experience of school dramatically changed. Their time together allowed Jessica to pause and reflect. “Every time when I go to meet Sarah she’ll ask how I’ve been feeling,” says Jessica. As a result Jessica has learned how to react to challenging issues better. She’s happier and really enjoying school.

Jessica’s developed in maturity during her time with Sarah too and has taken ownership of her future. After a while, she began coming to Sarah with solutions to problems in school and told Sarah what she was going to do about it. It’s made a huge difference not only at school but at home as well. Jessica’s mum is so grateful for the support Sarah has given their family. She just wishes there were more Sarahs to help more children just like Jessica.

Thank you for changing my life from bad to good. You have always been someone I can talk to.


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