Jarek’s story

After being caught up in a friendship group and pressured into making some bad decisions, Jarek gained a place at one of TLG's education centres. He had been excluded from school for over a month and needed a school that he could belong to.

Attending TLG gave Jarek space to explore and make sense of the choices he made. His one to one time with teachers gave him extra support to talk through his personal struggles and make up for the time at school he had lost.

Looking back, Jarek can now see how he got caught up in a whirlwind of situations that led to poor choices and exclusions, and has developed skills to combat it happening again.  "Being at TLG has given me a place where I could understand what I did, why I did it and what not to do again," he says.

Jarek’s teachers now describe him as a bright lad with many opportunities ahead of him. A young man brimming with ambition, he now has plans to go to university and study architecture, with hopes of one day starting his own business.

The experience of TLG was good. It was like a transition from the old me to - I'd say - a new me.


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