James’ story

“I used to get into a lot of fights and then I would get into, like, really serious trouble,” says James, who regularly got sent home from school.

He recognised that it was his anger that was the problem, only he didn’t know what to do about it. So, James was paired up with an Early Intervention coach to help.

Martin, a volunteer coach from a local church, came to meet him every week at school. Together they would do some fun activities, chat about how he was feeling and explore ways he could control his anger. For James, that dedicated hour during which he was listened to and given the special attention he needed had a huge impact.

James says, "I didn’t used to think, I’d just like lash out. Martin helped me to stop my anger taking control of me. Now it’s a lot like better... I always think before I do stuff."

His turnaround has meant he’s staying in school, engaging with classwork and building positive relationships with his peers. He now understands how feelings can impact his behaviour and has gained vital tools to take charge of his anger. It’s an important life skill he can use far beyond coaching to help build his future.

I would just say thanks for all your help, for helping my anger.


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