Jack’s story

It was John, a TLG Early Intervention Coach, who helped Jack realise that adults were people he could trust, rather than fear.

It was when Jack started primary school that his mum, Charlotte, noticed there was a problem.

“He would disrupt teachers and physically lash out. He didn’t want to play with the other children. Jack doesn’t see adults as people he can go to and trust, he expects they will just sling him off”.

As time went on and he received more detentions, Jack struggled to express his feelings and believed he just couldn’t ask for help.

Jack’s coach John was able to help him express his feelings. John encouraged him to speak to adults he could trust, particularly his teachers. This new ability to talk through problems has made a huge difference at school, and at home too.

Jack used to be anxious about family trips, he used to get really mad. But he tells me how he’s feeling about going out and I work through it with him.


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