Hannah’s story

Hannah’s story is one that shows just a little bit of extra support can make a big difference.

“I used to get in trouble a lot. I was shouting at people because they were being mean. I used to get in trouble for hitting people back when people hit me.”

Hannah’s journey through education had not been easy. She found it difficult to not retaliate when others tried to hurt her feelings and it meant that settling at school was a problem. Thankfully for Hannah, a local church in her city had partnered with TLG and were offering TLG coaches to support children struggling with school. Hannah was paired with Dorothy and, together, they went on a journey that helped Hannah manage her emotions.

“Dorothy helped me a lot when we started. I've learned now that I can control myself more. Before I started meeting with my coach I felt that I was unsafe but now I feel a lot safer.”

Having Dorothy has helped Hannah to understand how she’s feeling and to make positive choices to move forward, rather than backward, at school. Dorothy’s support has meant that Hannah is now thriving and enjoying school. A little bit of extra help from a coach has made a big impact of Hannah’s life. 

“Dorothy is lovely and she's really kind. I really think that Dorothy helped me very much when I was upset and hurt. Dorothy would say, "Hannah, are you ok?" and when I said no we would talk about my problems and sort out why I was upset.”


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