Cabe’s story

It was in primary school that Cabe's short temper began to cause problems with his education.

As a way to deal with his anger, he would often kick or throw things, getting involved in fights because his peers would make fun of him. Bit by bit, Cabe was losing confidence, not knowing how to react and or how valuable he was.

But with the help of his coach, Martin, at TLG, he was able to learn how to handle his feelings. ‘We talked about coping with emotions and anger flaring up’, says Martin. Cabe is now much happier at school and has learnt how to respond to challenging issues that he may face at school. ‘I’ve been in my new school for three or four weeks. School is good’.

Martin soon became an important part of Cabe’s life, each week helping Cabe to build in confidence and makes positive choices. But Cabe didn’t just change his behaviour at school, he changed at home too. He now feels confident enough to respond to things that bother him in a calm way and has developed a more reflective side to his character.

The teachers did notice how I was behaving and how my behaviour’s gone up instead of going down.


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