Adam’s story

Adam could no longer cope in mainstream school. His aggression and refusal to cooperate led to a place at TLG.

“I was stupid and immature. I used to just get in trouble every day,” says Adam, a former student at one of TLG’s education centres. “I got in with the wrong crowd and I was sort of, like, getting into crime and stuff and I didn’t care what happened. If I went to prison, I really wouldn’t care”

But it was through the support of teachers there that he began to see that his future could look different. “They treated me like an adult. They didn’t treat me like a little kid.”

Gradually, Adam’s behaviour made an inspiring transformation. He set his sights on returning to mainstream school and was accepted back to his school part time for his GCSE year. He now attends college studying business and sport.

TLG hasn’t just changed Adam’s life – it’s been a huge support to his mum, Claire too. “Thank you, thank you very much. As a single mother, that works full-time, that’s got a child that has a few anger issues and other problems, it was just nice to know that there was somebody there that didn’t judge, didn’t think I was a bad mum, didn’t think straight away it was me or something I’d done, that worked with us rather than against us.”

I’m such a different person. You wouldn’t even recognise me basically.


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