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When Tim Morfin arrived in Bradford, no one could have predicted how God would use him and a group of ordinary people to inspire a movement in the church. This book is about God’s vision that a generation of disadvantaged children should know his love, acceptance and healing via the most powerful means possible – the local church. 

"This beautiful little book is a must-read - just the sort of stuff that the best God adventures are made of." 

- Andy Hawthorne OBE, Founder and CEO of The Message Trust


"This is an exhilarating story. The vision of TLG is a nation-changing one."

- John Kirkby, Founder and International Director of Christians Against Poverty


"This is a book about a bunch of people who don’t know how to take no for an answer and who believe, sometimes against the odds, that the love poured into the most vulnerable young lives, echoes into eternity."

- Rachel Gardner, Founder of Romance Academy

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